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Oh. Mygod.

So I've had what I thought was a zit on my face for well over a month. But as the days turned into weeks and the weeks started adding up, it started getting BIGGER and REDDER. And I was like, "What the fuck?"

So I'm looking at it in the mirror tonight and I see a thin black line going through the center of the red beast. Maybe it's an ingrown hair? I've never had one, so I decide to ask my roommates. Blake and Micah take one look and concur, that yes, it is an ingrown hair. "Have you ever had one?" I ask. Blake answers, "Yes, I like them."

"Okay..." I say, "...and what would one do if they didn't like them?" Micah shows me two giant gouges on the back of his arm and says, "You dig 'em out."

I shall spare you the awful details of my experience, but basically I disfigured my face for nearly an hour with tweezers, finger nail clippers, and nose hair trimming scissors. I don't even know if I got the hair out or not - it's kinda of hard to see with all the blood.

It's looks terrible. I now look almost like Edward James... Almost? I say almost because he's got like a million divots in his face and I've only got one, but I think one might actually be worse because it looks so out of place without a million others keeping it company.

Anyway, I'm alive, so that's good. Now I'm off to watch the meteor shower from the roof of the abandoned hospital and that's good too.

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