Thomas Big Pine (elhoserboy) wrote,
Thomas Big Pine

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Yes, I CAN write a short post...

SBC Global Internet's slogan is:

"Internet that logs on to you."

What the FUCK does that mean?

Two quick notes for the ladies:
1) Any man caught driving a Suzuki Swift, will undoubtedly be 8-plus inches when caught with his pants down.
2) I drive a Toyota 4-Runner. Limited. Two-tone paint. Did I mention it was Limited?

And finally: One day when I am very rich, I will have two swimming pools. One will be filled with the standard chlorinated water. My second pool, however, will be filled with either milk, Jell-O, or amniotic fluid. I haven't decided yet.

Wow. That was easy. Maybe I'll make my next post sentence!

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