Thomas Big Pine (elhoserboy) wrote,
Thomas Big Pine

I'm an Auteur

Last night I dreamt I was attending the premiere of a film I had written and directed. I stepped out of the limo and onto the red carpet and people were going nuts. Apparently the movie had been very well received and critics were using words like "brilliant" and "sublime" to describe it. The adulation and praise being heaped upon me felt amazing--and so real!

Unfortunately I woke up without an ounce of knowledge regarding the film's plot, characters, or individual scenes. The only thing I do recall--and I recall it quite clearly--was a glimpse I got of the movie poster as I was ushered into the theater. The poster consisted of a bare (male) ass. To the left of the ass was E.T.'s glowing finger. Bold letters across the top proclaimed the title: Phoning Home

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