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I Need a Jobby Job - Part Deux

Technician Self-starter needed:

Technicians to do urine collections and alcohol testing. Positions require computer skills and driving a motorhome (mobile collection unit). Motorhomes are suitable for fulltime living. Will train right persons. One position is testing in San Francisco. The other requires working from Truckee to Riverside (including greater Bay Area). FAX resume to (510)237-4255 or email to ´´.Job Location: Bay Area/California Howger Services, Inc. Available Immediately FT PT Posted: 11/10/02

I'm a self-starter! And I could live in the "mobile collection unit" thus saving on rent. I like traveling. And alcohol. And urine. Of course I'll have to find out what the pay is, but I think I'm sold on this one.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

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